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Digital Illustration Workshop

Our 3D Design, App Creation, Digital Illustration and Minecraft Modding workshops are offered to different age ranges and deal with different topics to make sure you'll find the right one for your child.

If your child loves drawing, or if they're interested in how illustrations are made and how they could create their own, enroll them in our Digital Illustration workshop! We teach students the basics and techniques of digital drawing. The workshop's participants will develop their digital art skills and also learn how to use the IT tools necessary for the job.

9 - 12 years old
8 x 90 minutes
In-classroom/ Online


group size: 12


830 TL

Digital Illustration Workshop


Participants of the workshop will learn the basics of digital drawing and illustration. They will also get a glimpse of relevant art history and drawing theory. They will get to create their own characters, and place them in a digital environment; they will experiment with various digital formats and styles, which will help them discover their own personal style.

Students will learn the use of the popular free software Krita, which was specifically developed for digital drawing. They will have the opportunity to animate their characters through simple programming. Participants will also take a look at the future of digital graphics through 3D illustrations and various technologies using artificial intelligence.

Children can present their creations to the group and invited parents at a virtual exhibition at the end of the course.

Join online one of our free Q&A sessions, where a Logiscool school coordinator will tell you further details about the Logiscool Creative Workshops!

What will your child learn?

Creating characters and various illustrations
The art history and drawing theory of digital drawing and illustration
Various digital formats and styles
Illustration skills and techniques
The use of creative tools and software
The creation of animated characters through basic programming

We recommend this workshop if your child:

Loves to draw, and is interested in illustration and animation.

Is interested in digital drawing and character design.

Is interested in computer game design, including its visual and character design part.

Would like to try various techniques for digital illustration or character design.

Has their own ideas for characters or illustrations, but doesn't know how to get started in creating them.

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