2-3D programming in C#

Basic, Advanced, Master courses

Is your child interested in trying another game development environment after mastering Scoolcode? Once a student can confidently use loops and knows how recursion works, it’s time to take 3D programming to the next level and move towards advanced game development.

During this course, students get to know the development environment in which well-known games, like Temple Run, Angry Birds 2, and Pokemon GO, have been created. By creating simple 2D and 3D games, our students can peek into object-oriented programming in C# language. By the end of this course, they will also get familiar with the basics of virtual reality (VR).

Suggested age range:

12-18 years old (divided into age groups)

We recommend this course if your child:

  • is interested in 2D and 3D programming
  • would like to create VR games
  • would gladly try themselves in another programming environment in addition to Scoolcode
  • is interested in programming in C#
  • completed at least 2 semesters of MIX mode in Scoolcode


  • For in-Logiscool course: We provide all the necessary tools for the course.
  • For online course: To participate in the online course, each student will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a web camera too. The software needed for online communications is provided by us.


Completing the Mix Advanced module in Scoolcode.

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