Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers in the list below.

Our students learn algorithmic thinking, which is a piece of very valuable knowledge, even if not all of them will become a programmer. We will help them learn new programming languages and technologies by letting them play games relevant to their age group, using their acquired skills. The individual and group activities significantly enhance the creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills of the children. It is very important that the children feel the experience of being successful and they become open and brave to initiate their ideas. This will have a positive effect on their results in school.
It is natural for children to use computers, tablets, and smartphones. By teaching them how to program, we enable children to spend their screen time not only as passive users but as active creators.
No preliminary training, exceptional mathematical, or IT knowledge is required. Anyone can program, it is worth giving it a try!
Our youngest participants are 6 years old, but you can start programming at any age, it is never too late!
Our tutors/trainers are enthusiastic young university students, who are very good at programming. Before they start teaching, they participate at professional and pedagogic trainings organised by Logiscool.
You can apply to a Logiscool course or camp exclusively via our website. You can click the 'Apply for a course'-button under the 'Schools' menu item and fill in the application form. During the application period the school coordinator will send a confirmation email to applicants based on the group schedules and availability.
We organise open day events in our schools on a regular basis, typically during the application period, before the start of each term. Students and their parents that are interested in our courses are all welcome at these events. During these open day events we introduce Logiscool and participants can have a glimpse into the exciting world of programming and also get the chance to code without any specific preliminary training or qualifications. :) You can get more information about the date and time of our open day events by clicking on the "Schools" menu item.
We offer classroom-based and online courses and camps in more than 20 different coding and digital topics, e.g. programming, robotics, mobile application and web design, game design, digital intro (for the youngest ones), and more. By selecting the required school under the "Our schools" menu item, you can view the courses offered by the required school.
We organise our camps typically during school holidays. During the winter or spring break, we organise 3 to 5 day camps, while in the summer holidays we organise week-long camps (5 days). We organise camps around various topics. During the summer holidays of 2018 we organised Programmer, Application designer, Robotics, Minecraft and/or Website designer/video editor camps for the participants.
Courses begin at the start of each school semester. However, please note that some of our schedules may vary slightly from this date. Select "Schools" from the menu and click on the desired school to check the start date. Fall semester courses begin each September and end before the sports vacations; after the sports vacations, the spring semester begins and ends before the summer vacations. The curriculum consists of modules that build on each other and can last several years. Because to learn programming at an advanced level, similar to the acquisition of a foreign language or musical knowledge, several years are necessary.
At Logiscool, we have 1.5-hour (2x45 minutes) lessons once a week. Lessons can be on weekdays, starting from 3:00 PM or from 4:40 PM, on Saturday mornings from 9:30 AM and from 11:10 AM. In some of our schools, the timetable of lessons may very from this schedule. (You can find more information on the start times by clicking on 'Our schools' in the menu, and then on the required school.) The earlier start times are usually recommended for younger students.
Our beginner students are grouped based on their age. We offer separate groups for children attending the 1-2nd grade, 3-5th grade, 6-8th grade, and 9th+ grade. If required and is possible based on the number of applications, we can also start a girls-only group.
Yes, it is possible to join our courses within 3 weeks from the start date. Students joining late have the opportunity to make up for the missed lessons and catch up with the class. We organise these these supplementary classes before or after the normal classes without any additional fee.
Yes, but it doesn’t happen too often. :) In this case, we hope that the participant comes back later to a course or to a summer camp. Based on the General Terms and Conditions, only the payment of the monthly installment for the already started month is required, you don't have to pay the additional installments.
The course fee is payable in equal monthly instalments of CHF 180 during the academic year A Logiscool school year usually consists of 2x17, i.e. 34 sessions, where one session is 2x45 minutes long.
According to our fundamental concept, if a child misses a lesson, we always provide an opportunity to make up for the missed lesson. The shape and form of the extra lesson is always discussed with the parents.
Yes, but only if the age difference between the siblings is not more than 2 years. The reason is that in such cases, the older child might get bored because based on their age they could advance quicker, or the younger sibling could lag behind as the curriculum may be too difficult for their age.