Logiscool Camps are on! 

Choose a great holiday program for your child out of the wide variety of FUN based Digital and Programmiing  camps.

  • Holiday camps are scheduled for public and private school holidays.

·          Holiday Camps are one week long, 3 hours of code/ game creation per day.

·         Kids can experience the coolest and most creative topics in coding and digital literacy.

·         Discounted online price R1500.

For the creative and curious minds Age 7-18


  • Holiday Camp: R2,000.00
  • Intensive summer  camp (C1): R4,000.00
    2 weeks Intensive Coding Program
  • 4 day Holiday camp: R1,600.00

Discounts & Payments

Workshop Information


  • 3D Design Workshop: R1,133.00
  • Minecraft Modding Workshop: R1,335.00
  • Digital Illustration Workshop: R1,800.00
  • App Creation Workshop: R2,266.00


Logiscool Creative Workshops are inspired by the latest popular topics in the digital world and allow children to deepen their interests, learn and try new things.  Participation in our Workshops requires no previous experience with the topic. 

Our 3D Design, App Creation, Digital Illustration and Minecraft Modding are designed for different age groups and address different topics so that each child can find what interests them. 

All workshops are Online and subject to a 25 % Online discount 

3D Design Workshop: This workshop will introduce children to the world of 3D design and printing: they will learn to create and edit objects in Tinkercad. 

  • Ages 12-15  / 5 sessions @ 90 min a session  
  • Online Price  R850

 Digital Illustration Workshop : If your child loves drawing or is interested in illustrations and wants to create their own animated characters for games, this is the right choice!

  • Ages  9-12  /   8 sessions @ 90 min a session 
  • Online Price  R1350

App Creation Workshop: Is your child on the phone all the time? What does one need to start creating Apps?  In the workshop, they will learn to use Thunkable software and understand the basics of programming  

  • Ages14-18  / 10 sessions @ 90 min a session 

  • Online Price  R1700

Minecraft Modding Workshop 

  • Ages 11-13  / 6 sessions @ 90 min a session 

  •  Online Price  R1000

If you require any more information please contact our online school manager on +27 82 451 5217 or 
 email: [email protected]

Course Information

Dates and times

Our courses start at every school semester.

Classes are 1,5 hours long (2 x 45 minutes).

Courses, groups

The following courses start in our school

  • Programming SEMESTER 2 STARTS from 26 JULY 2021,Registration open until 10 August
  • Programming - KODU Available as a Holiday Camp
  • Game Design Available as a Holiday Camp
  • Video Production Available as a Holiday Camp
  • Digital Discovery Coming with Opening of Flagship Unit
  • Python Programming Coming next semester

For our programming courses we accept applications from 7-18 years old students. Courses are organized in different age groups: 2-3. grade, 4-5. grade, 6-8. grade and 9+ grade.

Courses are held in small groups of 6-12 children.


The total fee of the course can be paid in R880.00 monthly instalments.

Online Discount of 25%

Our LOGISCOOL LIVE! Discounted course fee is R660 per month

The amount of the monthly installment is the same regardless of the actual number classes held in the given month (holidays, vacation, etc.). The first and the last installment of the given schoolyear can be an exception.
In case of absence we always provide a possibility to make up the missed curriculum.

Discounts & Payments

The monthly installments are to be payed via bank transfer or bank account payment before the first class in the given month.

Trial Session

We organize our open days for children and their parents before our courses start. If you don't want to miss this opportunity, please fill out this inquiry form and we'll send you information about our open days.