Mom of a little boy, Logiscool Budaörs
My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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Logiscool Visual Programming Exam

We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to our existing students who have completed the Blox Advance/Master courses. Join us for the groundbreaking "Logiscool Visual Programming Exam," a first-of-its-kind opportunity.

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Happy International Women's Day! Let's empower young women through coding!
March 8, 2024

At Logiscool, we believe in the power of coding to transcend gender barriers. In the dynamic world of IT, diversity fuels innovation. Women, with their nurturing spirit and boundless creativity, enrich the tech landscape with their problem-solving prowess. Join us in celebrating with a 10% discount on all our courses, camps, and workshops designed to explore coding's exciting world. Let's honor and uplift the women trailblazers in IT, inspiring the next generation of female coders to make their mark. Happy International Women's Day! 🚀✨"

Registration open for Coding Courses from March to July 2024
March 7, 2024

Hello Future Logiscool parents,

We're buzzing with excitement as our first group of programming classes is already underway! It's been amazing to see such enthusiasm from young minds eager to dive into the digital future with us. We're delighted to inform you that registration for our Coding Courses from March to July 2024 is still open! Don't miss out on the opportunity to join us. Experience our welcoming atmosphere firsthand by attending one of our Open Days, held every day after school or on weekends. These Open Days offer a fantastic, free introduction to what we have on offer. Simply click the link below to register for a FREE OPEN DAY! We can't wait to share the wonders of coding with you and your child!

March 6, 2024
Logiscool Visual Programming Certification

December 10, 2022
Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!

September 20, 2022

March 22, 2022

March 21, 2022
Our 2022 Holiday Camps have started!

March 14, 2022
Apply to be one of our franchise partners in South Africa!

Meet our Team!

Following a successful year of South Africa ONLINE, we are proud to have opened Logiscool's first coding school for kids and teens who want to create something amazing. We are more passionate than ever to be teaching themthe language of the future.

We are excited to bring Logiscool's rich coding and digital literacy curriculum to our kids in a fun and nurturing environment.

Our team's main purpose is to excite children about the latest innovations, to foster curiosity and learn just how interesting our world can be, to acquire the knowledge they need to shape the future whilst also having immense fun. Witnessing the growth of our students' curiosity day by day is truly inspiring for us as a team.

Our purpose is to improve the lives and prospects of our young South Africans by empowering them with relevant digital skills for the future world of work.
We have experienced the most heartwarming moments with Scoolers, grateful parents, excited young trainers which continues to affirm that we are on the right track with Logiscool.

We are the most proud of our community in our school. Our children from diverse backgrounds learn together, have fun together and play together, having created new friendships with similar interest, either in person in Logiscool or virtually on MyLogiscool.

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