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Write your kid a brighter future!

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Playful digital literacy, coding and AI courses for 6-18 ages

Get ahead of the curve and make sure your child becomes the winner of the digital future!

At Logiscool, children aged 6 to 18 acquire essential digital literacy and programming skills through award-winning teaching methods and certified curriculum with the help of our tech-savvy trainers from the best universities, and our world class coding education platform called MyLogiscool.

Empower your child with programming skills and nurture creativity, critical thinking, and focus while exploring the latest digital tools!

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The knowledge and teaching methods are up-to-date, addressing gaps in the education system, fostering critical thinking, practical problem-solving, and hands-on application.

Beginners' Courses

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مقدمة رقمية

الصف الاول

البرمجة هي لغة المستقبل تعلم هذه الدورة اساسيات البرمجة الرقمية والتفكير المنطقي والتحليلي في الفصل الدراسي الثاني من العام الدراسي .

الاكتشاف الرقمي

2-3rd graders

اشعل اهتمام طفلك بمحو الامية الرقمية من خلال البرمجة والادوات الرقمية المتطورة والذكاء الاصطناعي مثل ChatGPT, Craiyon, Canva or MS Video Editor!

الاكتشاف الرقمي

4-5th graders

Get a taste of the world of IT! Internet security, image editing, robots, digital drawing, and fundamental programming skills.

Coding for
Beginners (BLOX)

4-5th graders

Elevate your child's digital power through coding fundamentals, enhance vital logical skills for success in the digital future.

Coding for
Beginners (BLOX)

6-8th graders

Students acquire the basics of algorithmic thinking by breaking down projects into smaller subgoals.

انتاج واخراج الفيديو

From 4th grade

In this digital creator course, kids explore filmmaking, video editing, and cinematic tricks to unleash their creativity.


From 4th grade

Turn your child into a young engineer while fostering logic thinking and STEM skills in our exciting LEGO robotics courses!

Coding for
Beginners (MIX)

9th graders

As they grasp the building blocks of programming, high school students engage in game development projects.

Kids can earn a Python diploma in elementary school!

Python is one of the world's most sought-after programming languages.

Python is the language of artificial intelligence, making it essential for the next generation. Moreover, it is one of the world's most popular programming languages, opening doors to highly paid jobs. Logiscool kids can become Python masters as early as elementary school!

Advanced Courses for New Students

From Skillful Stage to Proficiency

coding (MIX)

For 11+ years olds

In this course new students with prior coding experience will start to get familiar with written programming.

اساسيات الذكاء الاصطناعي وعلم البيانات

For 12+ years olds

Kids explore machine learning, game modeling, AI ethics and data visualization on this journey into AI & Data Science.

LEGO Robotics
with Python

For 12+ years olds

Our young engineers delve into STEM concepts and Python programming language while playing with LEGO robots.


For 12+ years olds

Kids explore game development with Godot and Python and unleash their coding skills in 2D and 3D game creation.

برمجة بايثون

For 13+ years olds

Empower your child to earn a Python diploma while delving into games, apps, AI, and more with our engaging courses.

AI with

For 13+ years olds

Dive into the future with AI and Python! Explore machine learning and harness AI's power for innovation.


For 13+ years olds

Kids step into the world of 2D/3D game development with Unity and embark on thrilling VR adventures.

ماستر كلاس المطور

For 15+ years olds

This course transforms young minds into successful software project developers from programmers.

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لماذا تختار لوجيسكول كنشاط بعد الظهر

وازن وقت الشاشة مع المهارات الرقمية الاساسية

هل تبحث عن التوازن بين الالعاب والانشطة البدنية ؟ نعم, من المهم ان يشارك الاطفال في الرياضة ولكن اذا انجذبوا الى عالم التكنولوجيا فمن الافضل حول الاستخدام الواعي للكمبيوتر والسماح لهم بالتطور من المستخدمين السلبيين الى المبدعين النشطين

Start early, shape a brighter future!

All our programming and digital literacy courses have been developed to fit to different age groups for kids between 6 and 18. Mastering the foundations of programming not only becomes valuable in the future but also results in better school grades in the present.

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هل انت قلق بشان ملاءمة دورات البرمجة في لوجيسكول مع دروس طفلك المدرسية وانشطته المختلفة والغير متوقعه’في لوجيسكول ياتي طفلك اولا ولدينا خبرة في ادارة الظروف الفردية
Children can start writing their own programs in just a few months! Give your kid a chance to acquire unbeatable digital and academic skills!

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