Create. Code. Enjoy.

Fun-based programming school for children between
7-18 years

The first Logiscool started in Budaörs (Hungary) in January 2014 and today we teach in 110+ locations in 20 countries. The number of our schools and students are dynamically growing.In our courses and camps more than 100.000 students could experience that with us, programming is a fun-based experience.

Proprietary platform

Our students learn programming on our own platform and special curriculum with the help of undergraduate teachers in an inspiring environment. They can start programming at any age and the courses span years.

Modular curriculum

Our curriculum and methodology based on modules building on each other allows children to get to like programming and use the acquired skill in practice.

The knowledge of the future

In a few years, programming skills will become as essential as foreign language knowledge. This is the perfect "investment" - there is a constantly growing need for all kinds of programming knowledge in any workspace worldwide.

How we teach

Immediate success

Inspiring environment

Young & enthusiastic instructors

groups of 6 to 12 students

All equipment provided

People said About Us


I see that they learn something really useful. My son loves the classes a lot. Every time he comes home excited telling what he learned. At home he also practices a lot and creates nice and creative programs. An funny as well! :)

My daughter gets knowledge of the highest quality and she even likes it. :)

Gives valuable knowledge in a very professional way.

It's the best idea to lay down the bases of my son's future. By the time he grows up, this knowledge will be as essential for an adult as speaking languages.

The instructor teaches "visible" things. My son can actually show what he's done and they're not getting bored with theories.

Our students

It is fantastic... I can recommend Logiscool to anyone!

(David, 14 years old)

I love it. It's playful and we learn a lot.

(Gabriel, 14 years old)

It develops my brain, and it's very cool.

(Matteo, 11 years old)

Teaches what will be essential in the future.

(Thomas, 12 years old)

It's great. I bet you've never done something like this. I can only recommend this!

(Laura, 12 years old)

It's once a week so you can prepare for it. We learn cool things and the team is great.

(Samuel, 12 years old)