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Since the start of our summer camp in 2019, hundred of children have spent their school breaks with us. They happily come back from school break to school break and bring their friends with them. Thereby, we work with a full house every camp! In addition to our well-known topics, we are offering even more new themes this year!

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Detailed Information

Prices and discounts


  • Full day camp price: 325 lv (360 lv for robotics camps)

  • Half-day camp price: 230 lv (250 lv for robotics camp)

  • Online camp price: 210 lv


  • Early bird discount: 5% if you apply by April 30th at the latest

  • Sibling discount: 10% if two siblings apply together

  • Own student discount: 5% for students attending the Logiscool Lozenetz course

  • Multi-week discount: 5% from the second week

  • Group discount (4+ kids): 15%

  • Maximum aggregate discount: 15%

PAYMENT: The application will be valid upon payment of a 50 lv advance payment. After receiving the application, we will send an email to the email address provided during registration, with the information required to pay the deposit. When making a transfer, please enter the name of the child, the abbreviated name of the camp and the start date in the notice box so that your transfer can be identified. Upon receipt of the amount, Logiscool will issue an electronic invoice for the advance, which does not require financial settlement. We will issue a final invoice for the remaining amount no later than 2 weeks before the start date of the camp. Only children whose participation fee is paid no later than the DEADLINE indicated on the invoice can participate in the camp.

If we are unable to hold the selected camp, we will provide you with the opportunity to choose another date or camp type, or to reclaim the deposit you have paid.

Technical details

Online camps are held between 4 - 9 April during the spring vacation, as well as June 20 - September 2 during the summer break. We are waiting for kids aged 6-18 in our 5-day camps!

Dates: Our online camps run from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00, depending on the type of camp.

Camp types

Half-Day Online Camp: At our half-day camp, students attend a professional program at Logiscool, which can be in the morning (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) or in the afternoon (1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.). The exact schedule will be sent with the confirmatiom of your registration.

Further details

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MINECRAFT CAMPS: prices do not include the official access to Minecraft that all children attending Minecraft camps will need (Computer / PC / Java edition). Purchased access remains the property of the child. The license can be purchased here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition

We reserve the right to make changes to the advertised camps!

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Ready to Dive into the Logiscool Experience?

Apply to Our Free Camp open day, the Camp Challenge!

Find your perfect camp!

The camp challenge is an exciting community event, which offer kids the chance to explore various digital topics, including Minecraft, digital illustration, and robotics. It's the perfect opportunity for children to discover which camp suits their interests best. Join us for a fun-filled hour of exploration and learning!

Give a boost to your child's future with us

three boys in blue t-shirts front of a laptop
Edutaining community platform - MyLogiscool

By joining Logiscool, kids receive free and continuous access to our unique edutaining community portal. Here, they can enhance their knowledge in various ways even between classes in a safe and controlled environment. They can find inspiration in their peers' projects, practice what they learnt and develop further while playing with our cool mini quests, high score games, challenges, and quizzes about the actual hot topics of the digital world.

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Becoming an active creator is fun!

We are committed to teaching kids the joy of digital literacy with fully gamified lessons which are full of fun. Our platforms are engaging and innovative so we can provide an inspiring environment both online and in-person.

• Online classes up to 8 students
• Classroom lessons up to 12 students
• Private education according to your child's own pace
• Young and enthusiastic trainers
• After-school or on Saturdays
• All equipment provided

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