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Logiscool is a fun-based coding school where kids and teens can acquire digital literacy in a fun, playful way, as well as try themselves at computer coding, robotics, and many other digital topics essential in the 21st century.
Logiscool is committed to helping children acquire and develop their digital literacy, so we offer expert support for schools around the world. Besides our after-school courses and camps in our own locations, we provide extracurricular activities and free services to educational centers.

Demo coding lessons

During a 45-minute lesson led by a Logiscool trainer, students can try themselves at visual coding and create a real computer game. The demo lesson can be held in your school, in-Logiscools, or online, depending on your needs and preferences. We recommend these classes for 1-12th grade students.

Extra-curricular activities

Throughout the school year, we offer courses and workshops of programming and digital technologies, as extra-curricular activities in schools. Kids of your school will be able to learn programming or other exciting programs, using the Logiscool platform and methodology, as well as our own teachers.

Event sponsorship

Every educational institution has its own event calendar full of sports days, parents’ balls, family days, children’s days, and more. We would gladly support and sponsor your school events with personalized sponsorship offerings.


In case of collaboration with your school, we can offer one (or more) of your student(s) to take part in a Logiscool course free of charge. You and your school board can decide which student you entrust with the scholarship; however, we recommend it for 2-8th grade students.

boy and girl sitting next to each other looking at laptops
Interactive presentations
Internet safety and netiquette

During this 45-minute presentation, we discuss the most important concepts related to internet safety, keeping children’s security in the digital space in mind. We go through five big topics that concern kids the most online: hoaxes and viruses, passwords and personal data, communication on the web, online challenges, and content sharing. We recommend this presentation for 2-8th grade students and can hold it in your school, in-Logiscools, or online, depending on your needs and preferences.

Interactive presentations
Career guidance – The “invisible jobs” of the IT sector

During this 45-minute presentation, we introduce different career opportunities in computer sciences and explain the importance of digital literacy not only in the IT sector but in nearly every job of the future. We also talk about the academic and soft skills companies are looking for today and what will be needed in the job market of the future. We recommend this presentation to 5-12th grade students and can hold it in your school, in-Logiscools, or online, depending on your needs and preferences.

Exercise book

Besides our extracurricular activities, we also develop supplementary teaching materials. Our exercise book focuses on various digital topics and offers practice opportunities for elementary school students via logical challenges, riddles, DIY exercises, and other interesting content. We recommend this for 2-5th grade students. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with this exercise book free of charge.

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