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Developing digital skills with digital literacy, programming and AI courses for children

We are very pleased that in cooperation with Populo we can now welcome new students in Olomouc from September 2022 and offer them courses in programming and digital literacy. Children from 2nd to 9th grade can start programming with us. Courses will be held in person at the Populo School in Olomouc.

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FOR NEW STUDENTS: If you have not attended our courses before, you can take advantage of our free demo lessons! As a parent, you will get information about our courses and how we teach. Your child can also create their first computer game to take home. Or you can sign up for one of our courses straight away. In Olomouc we are opening the following course levels in this semester:




Prices, discounts and payment

Course fee

The annual fee for the course can be paid in equal monthly installments, the fee of which is HUF 18.900 Ft / month (September 2022 - May 2023)

The amount of monthly installments is the same, regardless of the number of hours in a given month.

The course fee can also be paid in one sum: HUF 153.090/year. In this case, the fee includes a 10% discount.

We provide a 5% discount if the course fee is paid in two installments: HUF 80.798/semester.


  • Group discount: 5% - if at least 4 new students apply

  • Sibling discount: 5%

  • The maximum discount that can be combined is 10%

Payment: In all cases, we issue an e-invoice for the course fee issued in the name of the student, which we ask you to settle by the first Logiscool class of the given month by bank transfer.

Dates and application

Our courses start the week of 26 September 2022. We do not teach during the autumn, Christmas and spring holidays. We will send you an exact schedule of classes after registration and acceptance of your application.

Both semesters include 17 lessons. Our classes run once a week for 90 minutes (2x45 minutes). Courses at the branch are held on weekdays at 2:30pm and 4.10pm. Online courses are held on weekdays from 4:30pm and 6pm and also on Saturdays from 9:30am.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, please excuse your child in advance. We will offer you the option of an alternative lesson, ideally in a different group of the same level that week. In the event of illness, online classes can also be used for substitutions. You are also entitled to an individual substitute of 30 minutes three times per term.

When selecting a course, please select a substitute time that also works for you in addition to your preferred time.Please mark all convenient times in the drop-down menu! If none of the available times suit you, please contact us at or select (any) time and provide us with additional information in the COMMENT field so we can find the ideal course for you. The COMMENT field is located at the end of the registration form.

We send an email to all parents one week before the course starts, which contains all the important information about the start of the course.

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Would you like to try the Logiscool experience?

Look into the world of Logiscool, register to our Open Days!

At our open day, you can find out everything about our award-winning methodology, get to know our unique platforms and choose the perfect course for your child - while they make their very first computer game!

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Give a boost to your child's future with us

three boys in blue t-shirts front of a laptop
Edutaining community platform - MyLogiscool

By joining Logiscool, kids receive free and continuous access to our unique edutaining community portal. Here, they can enhance their knowledge in various ways even between classes in a safe and controlled environment. They can find inspiration in their peers' projects, practice what they learnt and develop further while playing with our cool mini quests, high score games, challenges, and quizzes about the actual hot topics of the digital world.

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Becoming an active creator is fun!

We are committed to teaching kids the joy of digital literacy with fully gamified lessons which are full of fun. Our platforms are engaging and innovative so we can provide an inspiring environment both online and in-person.

• Online classes up to 8 students
• Classroom lessons up to 12 students
• Private education according to your child's own pace
• Young and enthusiastic trainers
• After-school or on Saturdays
• All equipment provided

World number one platform for learning coding

Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text based programming languages.
blox coding icon

Blox coding

We start coding education with “building blocks”. Our unique visual coding method is always best adjusted to all ages and knowledge levels.

mix coding icon

Mix coding

As a second step, students start writing codes in MIX mode, where they can see both the building blox and the text-based languages in parallel.

text coding icon

Text coding

Once they feel confident to leave the visual blocks behind, we move to text-based programming languages, like Python, Unity, Godot or C#.

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