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Local news

September 20, 2022

We are extremely happy to announce that Logiscool won the European Franchise Awards as the best International Brand. Founders dr Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitári received the honorary award at the gala on September 19 2022 in Brussels. This is a huge recognition of Logiscool’s 8 years of dedicated digital literacy and programming educational work, the core of what made the brand internationally recognized. This dream could not have come true without the contribution of our partners, colleagues, parents and students – a big thanks for all of you for this great success!

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July 29, 2022

Children need to be educated in digital literacy from an early age. Basic coding skills and digital literacy will be a prerequisite for almost all future careers. We have been successfully preparing our Scoolers for the challenges of the digital future for more than 8 years. Children in our school can start with the very basics as early as the second grade and work their way up to, for example, the internationally recognized Python exam. Sign your child up for our open day and learn more about the importance of digital literacy. Take a free, no-obligation trial of Logiscool experience and decide!

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Maker Faire
September 20, 2021

We didn't miss the opportunity to present ourselves at the fourth annual Maker Faire Prague 2021! The largest gathering of DIYers, tinkerers, inventors and innovators in the Czech Republic took place in the Industrial Palace of the Prague Exhibition Centre after a one-year break caused by the pandemic and featured 150 maker exhibitions, workshops and lectures, including international guests. The rich programme attracted over 6,500 visitors throughout the weekend. Logiscool was there!!!

Festival vědy 2021
September 20, 2021

Logiscool was one of the exhibitors at the ninth year of " ScienceFest 2021". We participated in both live popularization displays and the online form, which proved successful in the previous year. We were able to welcome visitors from all corners of the country at our exhibition stand once again until 31 October, when the online festival ended.

Zažít Arbes jinak
September 20, 2021

We are very happy that we could participate in a community event in the place where we operate. The organisers prepared a perfect programme full of concerts 🎤, workshops 🎮 and there were also local goodies and refreshments 🍝🍻! In our workshop we showed the kids how sensational it feels to program your own game and then be able to play it! 😎

Demo lessons FZŠ Drtinova
September 20, 2021

"Best IT lesson ever". This is how the children from Drtinova Primary School also evaluated our programming demo lessons. We are very happy that we could show the magic of programming to children in the 4th, 5th and 6th grade. They programmed their first game with us. We can also give demo lessons at your school, just write to us.