Creativity is at the heart of the digital future

Feb 23, 2021

When referring to creativity, many people often think of a beautiful painting, a rhythmic poem, or an inspirational piece of literature. A common misconception is that the technology industry does not require creative-minded people. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, creativity is at the heart of the industry and drives its innovation.

While artificial intelligence, automation, and other new technologies have re-defined the way we live and will have a prominent position in our future, creativity and creative problem-solving are very human skills that can’t be replaced by machines.

So, why is creativity at the heart of our lives?

We use creativity on a daily basis. We use it to tell stories, express our opinions, and develop innovative ideas that ultimately change and shape the world around us.

Creativity is activated when there is something we would like to achieve with a vision in mind. It can be consciously trained everyday by using open-ended activities.

For example, if we look at coding a video game, it’s fundamentally a creative activity, as the same outcome can be achieved in many different ways. There is no one single solution and the coder has an enormous amount of freedom to create something unique. Creativity can be induced into the characters, the background images and the overall look and feel, which is ultimately what makes a game unique and engaging.

ten colorful drawings in front of white background

Creativity plays an important role in fueling critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills

If we look at art for example, it often starts with a blank canvas and the artist has a vision of where they want to end up. However, there are many ways to achieve the outcome. This doesn’t mean they won’t encounter some wrong turns, but they will need to solve problems and think critically to navigate past those, to get to the result they want. This creative mindset is valuable in life and is very human in nature.

To really stay ahead of the curve, we’ll need to combine creativity with technology to solve the problems of the world. The two go hand-in-hand harmoniously and need to be nurtured.

There are endless opportunities to ignite kids’ creativity from a young age. Using open-ended tasks to find solutions encourages them to think critically and navigate through problems, to produce unique and innovative outcomes. Building these skills will really give children the brain power they need for future success.

It's important to encourage kids to think for themselves and let them approach a problematic situation in more than just one way. They should be aware of the many possibilities and the fact that the control is in their hands.

Creativity is a skill that will put kids in the driver’s seat in the future and it’s not something to be underplayed or overlooked.

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