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Logiscool is an international coding school for kids & teens. We teach digital literacy, coding, video, ai, vr, robotics and other exciting topics to our scoolers with a one and only platform and a unique methodology with fully gamified lessons.

Easy to join

You’ll be contacted by our educational expert who will provide a free evaluation to determine which course is the right entry level and the right individual Logiscool path for the maximum benefit for your kid! We provide an individual roadmap for each participant according to their age and knowledge level.
Students are paired with one of our top-rated trainers from top universities around the country for one-on-one premium coding lessons. Our world class coding curriculum is built up from educational modules, each contains 15 x 60 minutes online lessons. Your child will complete the modules in their own pace for the most successful and enjoyable progress.
Online courses
Our unique Logiscool educational platform gives the best learning experience for your kid’s according to their age and knowledge level. Between classes your child can also gets access to MyLogiscool, our one and only international edutaining community portal to practice and share projects.
Certificate of completion
By reaching certain milestones and accomplishing individual goals your child will receive a Certificate of Completion and will step up to the next level.
The advantages of our premium coding education

• Individual roadmap for each child according to their progress
• The trainer can respond very individually to the strengths and weaknesses and specific needs of the student.
• Full access to our international edutainment community portal
• Start and pause any time throughout the year
• Kids can learn in their own pace
• Children learn in their own language

Best in class young instructors

• All our qualified, enthusiastic, competent, young trainers have extensive experience in coding.
• They receive professional training and teach from our smart lesson plans.
• Fully gamified and fun-based learning experience, instant feedbacks for participants and their parents outlining the progress and achievements
• Trainers are carefully selected to suit your child’s needs.
• They work every day to make sure they are not just teachers, but mentors to their students.
• They can easily connect to our Scoolers.

Academic skills
Algorithmic thinking

It helps finding creative and effective solutions for real-life problems.


Kids learn to see the errors, mistakes as opportunities rather than failures.

Analytic and logical thinking

Coding helps to understand abstract concepts through real and graphic visual examples.

A better understanding of STEM

Kids get better grades easier, and their performance can improve quickly.

Soft skills

Finding the best from all the possible solutions or inventing a brand new one increases kids’ creativity big time.

Focus and precision

While coding, kids learn how to give precise commands in the right order, which improves their focus in general.

Concentration and perseverance

More complex games need more code which takes more time and concentration.


Creating complex codes is a real superpower kids are proud of.


Our product portfolio offers courses, camps, workshops and special events covering a wide range of digital literacy topics.
During school semesters, best for thorough knowledge of programming, digital literacy or robotics.
All year long for the creative minds who want to harness their imagination. They create apps, illustrations, drawings and a lot more!

World number one platform

Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text based programming languages.

Blox coding

We start coding education with “building blocks”. Our unique visual coding method is always best adjusted to all ages and knowledge levels.

Mix coding

As a second step, students start writing codes in MIX mode, where they can see both the building blox and the text-based languages in parallel.

Text coding

Once they feel confident to leave the visual blocks behind, we move to text-based programming languages, like Python, Unity, Godot or C#.


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