Essences of Python programming

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31 Jan 2023

Did you know that the Python programming language is more than 30 years old? Yes, you read that right, one of today's most popular coding languages has been with us for more than three decades. It's no wonder many people who want to establish a secure and well-paying career in IT are interested in Python programming.

If your child is interested in coding courses or Python programming, the good news is that you don't have to wait until he or she gets to college. There are many coding classes for kids that provide them with a strong basis on which they can build their knowledge later.

In our article below, you can learn more about the Python programming language and its benefits for kids if they take courses at a young age.

The brief history of Python programming

As a replacement to the ABC programming language Guido van Rossum started developing Python in the late 1980s. It was originally released in 1991 as Python 0.9.0. Python 2.0, which was launched in 2000, added numerous new and useful features. Python 3.0, introduced in 2008, was a significant upgrade that was not fully backward-compatible with previous versions. Python programming language 2.0 was retired in 2020.

Python is open-source and relatively easy to learn which is why it has been ranked among the top programming languages since its inception. Python is also used by company giants such as Spotify, Google, and Netflix.

Happy teenager girl after the Python programming course

Python programming for kids

Coding for children comes with numerous benefits especially if they learn one of the most widely used programming languages. At Logiscool, we teach children with a unique fun-based method, so they can learn the basics of Python programming in a playful way, in accordance with their age.

At what age is it recommended to start?

There are more and more coding classes for kids because many parents have realized that it is worth starting as early as possible. The Python programming course is recommended for students between the ages of 13 and 18. It is one of our advanced coding courses, for which completing first the Logiscool Entry Test or Logiscool Mix Advanced Programming Course is a prerequisite. The sessions are taking place in small groups both in the classroom and online. Moreover, if you prefer one-on-one training for some reason, it is also possible.

What will kids learn?

Python programming language is one of the most popular and actively evolving programming languages available today. Thus, it is one of the most popular coding courses in the entire world. It is utilized in countless areas such as the production of video games and apps, data mining and analysis, robotics, as well as in AI.

Like all other coding classes for kids at Logiscool, Python programming is taught using a fun-based method, too. Students learn the fundamentals of Python programming in the first semester and then go further into its advanced areas in the second. The course is based on engaging projects which also go beyond game creation and demonstrate what else may be done in Python.

By the end of the coding course, students will be able to confidently and independently use Python programming. After completing the 3rd semester of the Python Programming course, students will be ready to choose from several options:

  • Take Logiscool's Python exam, which is free of charge but registration is necessary. It requires personal presence and can be completed in your local language. The school will hand over the certificate for the successful exam to the students at the certificate awarding ceremony;

  • Take the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer exam (PCEP);

  • Continue their studies at our Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with Python course where they can deepen their knowledge at data science, machine learning, prediction algorithms, and the practical uses of neural networks to address challenges requiring AI.

What can they use this knowledge for later on?

Python programming is simple to learn, adjustable, and compatible with multiple operating systems. Python's syntax, in contrast to the majority of programming languages, is easily readable by us. It closely resembles human language more than any other programming language, making it an excellent choice for children.

If you want your child to develop useful and future-proof skills, we recommend you consider the Python programming course. Python developers are in high demand, not only because the language is so popular and extensively utilized, but also because Python programming has become the best solution in a variety of fields. An entry-level Python programmer or developer's average salary is around 60.000 USD to 110.000 USD per year.

In addition to a possible established successful future career, coding classes for kids also help develop many essential skills. These include, for example, algorithmic and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a better understanding of STEM.

Python programming is beginner-friendly which reduces the possibility of frustration that happens occasionally in courses that teach coding for children. Python is also widely regarded as the language of choice for AI, data science, and machine learning, all of which are in high demand in today's economy. These areas will have enormous relevance in the future of our economy and digital technology, therefore learning Python programming definitely has long-term worth.