START registering for the 2023–24 school year!

Jul 27, 2023

Is your child attracted to technological innovation and curious to discover the digital universe? Or have you already experienced programming and want to deepen it by creating the coolest games? Whatever his current level, we encourage you to enroll him, if he is between 6-18 years old, because at Logiscool you will find the right course where we will teach him the digital skills needed for the future and show him the constructive side hidden behind games. How? Using the dedicated international platform in a fun and easy way, where you will also discover how artificial intelligence works and how to use it effectively. Thus, programming will structure his logical, critical and analytical thinking, among other benefits, giving him opportunities for future success. Among other things, it will practice including concepts of mathematics, geometry, physics, and will develop concentration skills, public speaking, creativity, in addition to the opportunity to participate in international and national competitions. Did I make you curious? If so, we invite you to a free demo lesson and you will learn all the details about Logiscool, the curriculum and the program, while your child can create their first game right from the start! You're welcome!