Is AI child's play? At Logiscool, artificial intelligence is an experience and a game

Oct 13, 2023

Logiscool has taught Artificial Intelligence in its courses, workshops and camps since 2021. We teach not only how AI works, but how to use it, with a special focus on a responsible and ethical way, tailored for young minds. After all, the world is changing, and it will be essential in the next decades to learn how to live and cooperate with artificial intelligence. But what is artificial intelligence and how can we teach it? We collected everything you need to know about this constantly developing technology!

AI is more than ChatGPT: Facts and myths about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a constant topic of conversation these days, so it is of utmost importance to understand it, as it is revolutionizing many areas of our lives right now. In our rapidly changing world, digital literacy, logical and critical thinking, and programming related to the use of artificial intelligence are essential for children's successful future. However, the public school system cannot keep up with the continuous content and methodological development of technology, creating an increased demand for children to attend afterschool IT classes.

Many people think that ChatGPT, or Bard is the same as artificial intelligence. This is a misconception. ChatGPT is just one of many programs powered by artificial intelligence. Today, thousands of software and programs operate on AI bases, for example Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant are also run by artificial intelligence, as well as online tech platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify.

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the following according to ChatGPT: “Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems or machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to the creation of intelligent agents that can perceive their environment, learn from experience, and make decisions or take actions to achieve specific goals. It encompasses a wide range of techniques, algorithms and methods designed to mimic or simulate human cognitive abilities.”

AI is a key part of Logiscool's educational activities

Children grow up with digital devices in their hands. The aim at Logiscool is to help them become critical thinkers, using technology in a mindful and beneficial way, instead of just being passive users. Therefore, we bring programming and digital literacy skills to students aged 6-18 based on our world-class, certified curriculum.

In line with the latest educational methods, our education is experience-based, module-based, actively engaging children and letting them learn according to their age and knowledge level. In line with the world's digital trends, we started our first artificial intelligence education camps in 2021, long before the appearance of ChatGPT.

Today, Logiscool's courses, camps and workshops teach not only how AI works, but also how to use it. Topics in the curriculum include text generation, text-image generation, text-to-voice generation, drawing, face and motion recognition, music production, building machine learning models, patterns, recommendation systems and training models, data visualization and creating a chat bot.

In our classes, we teach the fundamentals of supervised and unsupervised (machine) learning, numeric models and kNN algorithms with help of online software, enabling students to program smart algorithms within our own programming platform that makes code easily understandable and digestible. Students also get the chance to program and apply machine learning algorithms in the Python language, one of the most widely used programming languages to date.

Most importantly, Logiscool teaches the responsible use of technology. Similar to how children are educated about the safe use of the internet, students are also made aware of the possible risks and effects of AI, at a level and in a way that they can understand.

Digital literacy is the key to a successful future!

In our age defined by rapid technological development, the importance of digital literacy and programming cannot be overestimated. It equips children with the skills to navigate the digital world, preparing them for a future in which technology plays a prominent role. Programming knowledge plays a particularly important role in managing systems controlled by artificial intelligence. As AI continues to shape various aspects of our lives, understanding the fundamentals of programming becomes vital to effectively harnessing AI's potential.

Whatever technological development the future brings, Logiscool is here to help the next generations to be successful in the digital future!

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