Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: Logiscool Launches 2024 with New International Partnership

Jan 27, 2024

On January 27, 2024, Logiscool, a global expert in children's digital literacy, programming, and artificial intelligence education, marks its 10-year anniversary. Commemorating this milestone, Logiscool's Hungarian co-founders, Dr. Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitári, along with franchise partners, educators, parents, children, and investors, gathered to reflect on the past and discuss the future.

Starting in Hungary in 2014, Logiscool has since impacted over 210,000 children across more than 200 schools in 30 countries. "A year after launching our first school in Budaörs, we were thrilled to have six Logiscool schools in Hungary. Everyone involved believes deeply in our mission and is proud to be a part of it", recalled Dr. Breuer.

In 2018, following startupper Petya Balogh's investment in 2017, the decision to expand the franchise network internationally was made, accelerating growth. "Children everywhere, from Singapore to South Africa to Mexico, react to our curriculum the same way: they simply don't want the classes to end", Anita joyfully observed.

Gyula Csitári credits this success to a fantastic team and proprietary technology. "Our own curriculum, community portal, and educational platform are sought after worldwide for their excellence".

Over the past decade, Logiscool has set new standards in digital literacy and coding education with its unique teaching methods and innovative platforms, Scoolcode and MyLogiscool. The Scoolcode platform has revolutionized programming education for children with its age-appropriate visual blocks and palette offerings, making learning coding engaging, interactive, and incredibly fun. MyLogiscool, a secure international community portal, offers challenges, quizzes, and digital social experiences, further enhancing students' analytical, algorithmic, and logical thinking.

Petya Balogh emphasized, "Learning to think in the language of machines, understanding the mechanics of the digital world, equips children to achieve more goals. Programming is about breaking down complex problems into smaller and smaller steps, a mindset that leads to success in adulthood."

Olympic champion water polo player Dániel Varga, who enrolled his son Milán in Logiscool years ago, believes in introducing children to the digital world. "My wife and I agreed on two things for our children: sports and the digital world. Fortunately, they love both", he shared.

The rise of artificial intelligence

With our rapidly evolving digital world, understanding computer language is as vital as reading and writing. Logiscool's courses, workshops, and camps focus not only on teaching programming but also on developing problem-solving skills, strengthening logical and algorithmic thinking, and boosting creativity.

Highlighting the importance of adapting to the rise of artificial intelligence, Balogh noted, "We must react to global changes and AI's growing influence. For years, we've been teaching how AI works; now, we're teaching even young children how to use it."

Logiscool's Collaboration with EtonX

At the Budapest press event, Logiscool proudly announced its collaboration with EtonX, the innovative division of the prestigious British Eton College. This partnership introduces "Coding games with Python," a new self-learning beginner course for children and young adults aged 12 and up, facilitated by Logiscool's AI assistants, KAI and DAIsy. (www.etonx.com/course/coding-games-with-python/)

James Stanforth, EtonX Course Director and Digital Education Director at Eton College, praised the program. “Logiscool’s innovative coding platform employs a gamified approach, transforming the learning experience into something truly engaging, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone. Their AI-assistant, specially trained for coding education, offers effective support to both students and teachers.”

Dr. Breuer expressed immense pride in this collaboration, enhancing Logiscool's value alongside numerous educational and business awards.

Petya Balogh concluded, "Logiscool is not just a business but a mission that investors, team members, franchise partners, parents, and children proudly support, making a global impact. I'm thrilled to be part of it."

As Logiscool celebrates this remarkable decade, the owners extend heartfelt thanks to parents, children, educators, franchise partners, and all who joined them on this extraordinary journey. Their trust and support have been instrumental in Logiscool's success story. The passion for education, innovation, and commitment to children's futures will continue to shape Logiscool's mission, spreading the joy of digital learning worldwide.

About Logiscool

Founded in Budaörs, Hungary in 2014, Logiscool has rapidly developed into a leader in digital literacy and coding education for children. Present in 30 countries, its unique educational methodology, curriculum, platforms, and responsible teaching of AI operation and usage transform children's relationship with technology, enabling them to navigate the digital world successfully. The company has won numerous awards, including the Best International Brand from the European Franchise Association in 2022, excellent grade from the Finnish Education Alliance for its curriculum and educational platform, and the Course of the Year award for its Digital Discovery course.