Logiscool Introduces New Online Coding Program on EtonX

May 14, 2024

Starting 28 May 2024, Logiscool launches its first self-study program, Coding Games with Python, available globally through the esteemed EtonX platform. The beginner-friendly, innovative course is designed for students aged 13 and up, offering them the skills needed for a successful future in tech. Upon completion, further learning opportunities await at Logiscool.

For enrollment details and more about the program, visit logiscool.com/en/coding-games-with-python-at-etonx. Let's empower the next generation of digital innovators!

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Logiscool co-founder, Anita Breuer makes the headline of Business Woman magazine

Logiscool’s co-founder and CEO, Anita Breuer has recently been included on the cover of Business Woman. The international magazine aims to highlight female-lead franchise businesses from education, to hospitality and logistics, inspiring women entrepreneurs around the world. In the magazine, Anita discusses the origins of Logiscool, as well as the current and future mission of the organization, bringing digital literacy to as many children as possible. You can read the magazine here: https://www.global-franchise.com/reports/business-women-issue-6

Logiscool opens schools in Africa

In recent months, we have been able to expand our school network to a new continent, allowing children in South Africa and Nigeria to learn programming and other areas of digital literacy with our method in Logiscool schools. This is a huge step, as no other Hungarian education franchise has gained a foothold on the African continent so far.