Stand Out with Child-Friendly Employee Benefits!

Offer Programming and AI Camps for Kids!

Provide Summer Vacation as a Benefit!

Stand out from the crowd with our innovative, family-friendly employee benefits program!

Logiscool, Hungary's largest network of coding schools for children, organizes summer camps that can be offered as a benefit.

  • Increase your employees' commitment!

  • Shape children's futures by introducing them to the latest digital technologies through playful learning!

  • Build a modern, lovable, family- and people-friendly workplace!

Programming, AI and Digital Creator Camps for Kids ages 6-18

3-5 day non-residential camps with the hottest digital topics
Minecraft Camps

It's more than just a game; it's game development! Kids learn basics programming while playing. Indoor coding fun is complemented by outdoor activities.

Roblox Camps

Kids will transform from passive players to active game designers. They will learn the basics of coding in a familiar environment—the Roblox universe.

Digital Creator & AI Camps

Where technology meets artistry, a world of creativity unfolds. Children explore video production, image editing, typography, branding, logo- and webdesign.

Programming Camps

Curious if coding is right for your child? Introduce them to programming and watch as they gain invaluable digital skills alongside peers who share their interests!

Robotics Camps

Build your kids' future! Kids learn how machines think and program them. Join us for an adventure filled with cool LEGO robots and lifelike machines driven by AI!

Explorer Camps

Can't choose just one camp? Explore a variety of thrilling coding, game design, robotics and creative topics in our Explorer Camps!

Your Family-Friendly Employee Benefit Roadmap: Steps to Success

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Easy to implement

  • Streamlined and fully controllable contracting and implementation process, with regular reports and centralized invoicing.

  • Enables easy budget planning for the company: transparent, controllable, and targeted spending.

  • Available in numerous locations nationwide.

  • Delivers real value by teaching digital literacy and programming, essential skills for the future.

  • Serves as an effective marketing tool for employer branding and employee engagement.

  • ...and kids love Logiscool!

Why Logiscool Programming, AI and Digital Creator Camps?

Play & Learn

A perfect balance of learning and fun outdoor activities.

The Latest Tech

Kids explore the most advanced digital technologies.

Next-Gen Mentors

Kids’ heroes who speak their language.

Widely Available

210+ locations nationwide or online.

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