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Do you want to help your kid develop future-proof skills? Let us help them on the path to a successful future, by teaching them essential programming skills in an easily digestible, playful manner with our special course developed for their age.

BLOX 171 Course
15-17 lessons

for 6-8 graders

online, classroom, 1-on-1

Prerequisites: none

24/7 MyLogiscool access

We believe that anyone can learn to code!

During this course, your child will learn the basics of programming and master visual coding while creating computer games and working on increasingly complex projects with the help of our dedicated trainers.

Kids will work on various projects using visual coding and will build programs with colorful blocks. With the help of this introductory method, kids can learn the basics of programming in a fun and engaging manner. After having completed the course, kids can continue their journey on the path to professional, text-based coding through increasingly challenging modules. The course is also useful for acquiring life skills besides coding, such as algorithmic and analytical thinking.


A world-class educational platform and curriculum designed to fit the age and knowledge level of your child

15-17 lessons

Personal guidance

A diverse palette of engaging projects

Programming quizzes

24/7 access to programming tools

Certificate of achievement

What will your child learn:

Programming, algorithmic and analytical thinking skills:

Going through basic mathematical principles in a playful way, implementing theory in practice

Learning how to repeat commands by using loops

Using conditions and if-statements

Getting familiar with built-in variables and enabling them to get the attributes of objects and backdrops and measure time and positioning

Getting familiar with local variables and data handling

Understanding basic logic operators (and, or, not) enabling them to create more refined conditions

Understanding and creating game functionalities

Using different starting events for a program to begin

Learning how to use signals to make game characters communicate with each other

Creating clones, using copies of game actors (clones)

Learning to use the Cartesian coordinate system

Getting familiar with the concept of lists, and how to use it for data storage

Developing the knowledge of text handling

Moving game objects and characters on a specified stage

Soft skills:

Problem-solving and algorithmic thinking


Focus and precision

Concentration and perseverance


Technical requirements

For online courses: A laptop or a computer with internet connection and a Chrome browser, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a webcam too.

The software needed for online communication and coding is provided by us.


Children don't need any pre-training.

BLOX 171 Course
15-17 lessons

for 6-8 graders

online, classroom, 1-on-1

Prerequisites: none

24/7 MyLogiscool access

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