Programming Camps

Discover if programming is right for your child!

"Hacker" Coding Camp

For 7-11 years olds
Engaging Role-Playing Adventures

Over the course of one action-packed week, participants will immerse themselves in a thrilling role-playing game where they'll tackle challenges, quizzes, escape rooms, and Scoolcode projects, while they will learn also learn about personal data protection, online communication and safer internet usage.

Kodu 3D Game Design Camp

For 7-11 years olds
Playful Introduction to Game Development

Microsoft Kodu Game Lab offers a unique opportunity for kids to engage in game development in a fun and accessible way. Kodu's intuitive interface and visual programming language are specifically designed to be accessible to children, making it an ideal introduction to game development for young learners.

Intensive Programming Camp for Beginners

For 12-14 years olds
Fundamentals of Programming in 2 Weeks - For Younger Kids

Programming is a universal key to the future, which is not only useful but also opens up an exciting and fun world for children. During the intensive two-week camp, our campers develop games based on their own ideas; they learn about concepts such as conditions, loops, global variables, and logical operators; they write increasingly complex programs that build on each other. After the camp, from September, the participants can continue learning as second-semester students in Logiscool's afternoon programming and AI courses.