Give your child a really cool birthday party!

Celebrate your child's birthday at Logiscool, so they can have the coolest party ever with our virtual escape room!

Have you decided where you wanna celebrate your child's birthday? What do they want to do with their friends? How about saving the planet?

Choose a virtual escape room!

gold planet next to three black meteors with brown background
Interplanetary mission
For 7-10 yrs old children:

Alert! Alert! A giant comet crashed into the planet, moved it out of its orbit and messed up its gravity! It is up to your child to restore order to the galaxy, moving from planet to planet! Now is the time to take control, as they need to save the universe at this stellar intergalactic adventure!

hands in blue gloves hold a red petri dish
Epidemic on planet Earth
For 11-14 yrs old children:

The Earth has been attacked by a mysterious virus that paralyzes everything and everyone, and it is spreading at a crazy pace ... now it's your child's turn to acquire the ingredients for the antiserum on a super-secret mission. They must fight their way through the security systems of antivirus centers and stop the devastation!

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Good to know

The birthday party package includes:
• 2 hours of fun with a virtual escape room and other games (7-10 year olds can try the "Interplanetary Mission" and 11-14 year olds can participate in "Epidemic on Planet Earth")
• birthday decoration
• a gift from Logiscool for the birthday boy/girl
• presence of an instructor and an animator throughout the duration of the program
• if you wish, it is possible to bring cake, soft drinks, and snacks

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We are looking forward to the party, let's celebrate the big day together!
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