We are methodology experts

in teaching kids digital literacy
We are the leading pioneers in teaching coding and digital literacy for kids. Our experience, our methodology and our trainers are the guarantee for successful learning.

Our methodology is the guarantee for successful and fun-based learning for all ages and knowledge levels

Practice-based learning – learning the theory by creating the projects gives long term results and good foundation

Our age-adjusted curriculum is fit for all knowledge levels – kids understand everything easily and have fun while learning

Children create their projects in small groups – Kids benefit from the trainers’ full focus and they can also get inspiration from each other

Kids learn a new way of thinking – our methodology improves the analytical and logical thinking, the creative and cognitive skills short and long term

Friendly and inspiring atmosphere – they receive constant positive feedback and encouragement

Proven curriculum based on years of experience – 100% focus on kids

Cool, young, competent instructors – only the best

  • Our trainers are university students with the latest, most up-to-date digital knowledge.
  • Our training is standardized and professional – only competent instructors teach the children
  • Their age and mentality are closer to our students, kids see them as role models

Find the best way of learning with us

on location

  • Inspiring environment
  • Laptops are provided to everyone
  • In groups or one-on-one

In groups

  • Small groups to maximize experience
  • Maximum 12 persons in classroom
  • Children inspire each other


  • In groups (6-8 kids) or one-on-one
  • Easy access from any distance
  • Comfortable and assisted solution


  • Individual assessment and progress
  • Learning in the kid’s own pace
  • Flexible schedule


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