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Digital literacy is the knowledge of tomorrow and children should start discovering it early on. Learning coding is fun with our own unique teaching method and fully gamified modular curriculum. Why should your child be left out?

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Edutaining community platform - MyLogiscool

By joining Logiscool, kids receive free and continuous access to our unique edutaining community portal. Here, they can enhance their knowledge in various ways even between classes in a safe and controlled environment. They can find inspiration in their peers' projects, practice what they learnt and develop further while playing with our cool mini quests, high score games, challenges, and quizzes about the actual hot topics of the digital world.

Becoming an active creator is fun!

We are committed to teach kids the joy of digital literacy with fully gamified lessons and full of fun. Our platforms are engaging and innovative so we can provide an inspiring environment either online or in person.

• Online classes up to 8 students
• Classroom lessons up to 12 students
• Private education with own speed
• Young, enthusiastic trainers
• After-school or on Saturdays
• All equipment provided

World number one platform for learning coding

Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text based programming languages.

Blox coding

We start coding education with “building blocks”. Our unique visual coding method is always best adjusted to all ages and knowledge levels.

Mix coding

As a second step, students start writing codes in MIX mode, where they can see both the building blox and the text-based languages in parallel.

Text coding

Once they feel confident to leave the visual blocks behind, we move to text-based programming languages, like Python, Unity, Godot or C#.

COVID-19 Information

In view of the epidemiological situation, Logiscool schools will switch to online education as required from 8 March 2021. We hold our courses in the form of live 90-minute lessons at regular times. Each parent will receive information about the details from their own school.

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