The Logiscool camps are among the most popular camps in Europe for almost five years now. We offer the widest the broadest range of camp themes about the most exciting challenges of the digital world - and we're continuously expanding the scope of topics and technologies.
Our competent teachers, camp leaders and our enthusiastic instructorshave been able to give knowledge and experience of a lifelong significance for more than 20,000 students.

Coding Camps

Digital literacy is the key skill of the future; therefore, we're launching different camps this year that are all about coding. Students are placed in the appropriate camps dependent on their age and proficiency level. Younger students will use a LEGO-like language with blocks, while the older students will combine the use of blocks and text commands.

Robotics Camps

In our technologically advanced world, the use of robotics is becoming the norm in our everyday lives. One thing hasn't changed though: humans are programming them. In our robotics camps, the students will learn to program by bringing different types of robots to life!

Minecraft Camps

The most popular computer game in the world is Minecraft. In our summer camps, we'll show our campers that the world of Minecraft is not only for gaming – but also for learning creativity and algorithmic thinking. The campers will gradually become experts in building their virtual world, fabricating an adventure map and exploring the unlimited possibilities of Redstone.

Media Camps

Would you like to learn how to make cool, funny videos, or your own website? In Logiscool's Media Camps we focus on artwork, and creativity to produce outstanding results!