Minecraft Design

Creative world design/planning, Game Design, Redstone

In our Minecraft Design camp students can learn how to make a unique look for their characters and worlds through image editing, and using WorldPainter. During the camp, they will create their own Adventure maps with their own story, and they will get an introduction to the fascinating world of redstone.

What skills will the kids aquire during the camp?

  • creative planning
  • basics of design
  • usage of WorldPainter
  • basics of the usage of Redstone

What is needed for the camp?

All campers will need a valid Minecraft subscription (PC/Mac). If the child doesn't have one, you may buy it here: https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft. Warning! The WINDOWS 10/Android/XBOX/PS4 licenses are not suitable for the camp! It's also worthwhile to bring a usb flash drive so that the student can save his/her projects.

Who is this for? - Recommended age: 7-14 years

We recommend the camp for those who know the Minecraft world and would like to shape it in a creative way. We do not recommend it to those who have already been in that kind of Logiscool summer camp.