Intensive Programming Camp for Beginners (12-14y)

Intensive programming starting with the basics

The campers will learn the fundamentals of programming with the help of Scoolcode, our proprietary education platform. Our curriculum is built to appropriately fit each age group so that there will be a logical and gradual increase in complexity throughout the camp. During the two weeks the campers will be able to create their own computer games, which they can even share with their friends if they wish! Those who complete the camp can continue their studies in the second semester of Logiscool.

What skills will the kids acquire during the camp?

  • programming basics
  • first semester's curriculum of Logiscool
  • basics of StageScript, our own proprietary written programming language (high school students)

What is needed for the camp?

We provide everything that is needed for the camp.

Who is this for? - Recommended age: 12-18 years

We recommend this camp for everyone whose age is between 12 and 18 and would like to learn the basics of programming - but have not attended any courses at Logiscool yet.