Kodu 3D Game Design - Programming

Creating and coding games in your own world!

In a popular visual programming environment, in Microsoft KODU campers will be creating 3D games. During that process by modifying the game elements in larger and larger scale, they will get to practice the creation and programming of a computer game. By the end of the camp they will be able to create different types of three-dimensional games independently . Microsoft KODU can be used by the student at home, on his/her own computer.

What skills will the kids acquire during the camp?

  • Programming basics
  • Logical, algorithmic thinking
  • Usage of Microsoft KODU development platform

What is needed for the camp?

We provide everything that is needed for the camp.

Who is this for? - Recommended age: 7-11 years

We recommend this to everyone who fits into the age group, no previous experience or knowledge is required. We also encourage our students already enrolled in the Spring (in the appropriate age group) to join this camp because KODU is a new development environment even for them.