Building and programming LEGO robots

The campers will get familiar with the basics of robotics through programming different robots. Besides solving the most typical robotic challenges (e.g. orientation, voice- and color recognition, avoidance of obstacles) the robots will race against each other. They will be learning a significant about how and why robots function in the way they do through diverse projects.

What skills will the kids acquire during the camp?

  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Programming basics
  • Basics of robotics

What is needed for the camp?

We provide everything that is needed for the camp.

Who is this for? - Recommended age: 8-13 years

We recommend this camp to everyone that fits the age group and who is interested in programming and LEGO. It is important that the student has a passion for seeing their projects work in the physical world. We also encourage our current semester students to join this camp because it will introduce many new concepts to them.