Why the Logiscool Franchise?


Our franchise

  • is a fun-based coding school network for the kids and teens
  • has near 1,000 digital lessons with fun-based methodology and a long-term curriculum
  • utilizes our proprietary education platform scalable for all ages
  • features in-school and online after-school courses and holiday camps in a range of digital topics from computer coding to robotics, AI, Minecraft and Roblox game design, video production, and more
  • teaches small groups online and in well-equipped and inspiring classrooms in office-like environments
  • employs young, enthusiastic professionals as our trainers who inspire kids and teens

Our mission is to make coding education available for as many school-age children as possible. The first Logiscool opened in early 2014, and our fast-growing recession-proof franchise network has educated 110,000+ children at 130+ locations in 21 countries.

Digital literacy, digitality, and IT knowledge cannot be highlighted enough today. Take Generation Z: they are born together with gadgets, and their best mates are applications, YouTube videos, and Google. New jobs are born, influencers, front-end developers, and digital experts are around, and robots are also becoming parts of our lives today – and will be even more common in the future.

The earlier we can give a taste of digitality to our kids, the higher chance they will transform from being just a consumer and become an active creator, ensuring a successful career in a digital world.

Our passion is to inspire children to develop and create, and not just consume.

Kako potražnja za digitalnom pismenošću i veštinama kodiranja raste, kao i nedavna potražnja za kvalitetnim onlajn obrazovanjem, naš dokazani nastavni plan i program i metode nastave su veoma traženi širom sveta. I vrlo je verovatno da će ovo nastaviti da raste kako Logiscool bude širio svoje poslovanje.

Logiscool je uložio ogromnu količinu vremena, energije i novca u razvoj svog integrisanog obrazovnog sistema, koji uključuje Scoolcode, samorazvijeni obrazovni sistem, MyLogiscool, platformu studentske zajednice i trener. portal i sistem upravljanja franšizom. Sve ovo jedostupno samo Logiscool partnerima.

Ako verujete da je bitno obrazovati decu i tinejdžere o kodiranju, dođite i pridružite se našoj grupi stručnjaka koji pomeraju granice, i budite naš partner

Why become a franchise partner?

Are you committed to the importance of digital literacy education?

The demand for e-skills is growing worldwide. Every child should get the possibility to learn the fundamentals of computer coding.
You can start an innovative and successful franchise business by opening your own Logiscool fun-based coding school using our complex franchise package.

Logiscool is looking for franchise partners

  • Quick opening and easy calculation
  • Your Logiscool can start within weeks
  • Detailed and continuously improved curriculum
  • Unique own education platform
  • Proven and successful business model
  • Fast-growing, recession-proof network
  • Excellent investment
  • No previous IT knowledge/experience needed

What comes with the Logiscool Franchise package?

The Logiscool Franchise is a sophisticated system providing all the elements you need to start your own innovative, successful business. Get up and running quickly, see positive results early on.

The Logiscool Franchise package includes:

  • the exclusive right to use the Logiscool brand and concept within an agreed territory
  • the school and equipment design
  • the uniquely developed curriculum which ensures high lifetime value for students
  • our integrated education system, including the education platform, the student community platform, the trainer portal, and the franchise management system
  • detailed operation documentation
  • training courses and support
  • central marketing support
  • professional presence on the well-managed Logiscool website
  • extra emphasis on continuous development – we launch innovations regularly

How can you build your coding education business?

After contracting, we give you the necessary (operational, educational) training, the best practices for finding trainers, and regular sales success and marketing calls. Your master partner provides you with continuous curriculum, operational, product and service development, together with technical support (via our ticketing system) and a weekly call with the business success team. Logiscool has a long-term, 100+ times proven preparation and training method that includes everything you need for the successful management of your pilot unit.
Once the training is finished, you must set up your first own, flagship education unit (online and/or offline).

How much money do you need to get started?

Usual range for initial investment of unit opening:

  • Franchise entry fee: EUR 15,000 – 25,000
  • Additional investment: EUR 20,000 – 25,000

You should also be able to fund the running costs of the first few months if needed. Some of our successful partners have managed a full return on their investment in under 2 years, which is exceptionally good by the standards of any industry. However, as with any new business venture, it is important to develop a solid business plan and realistically estimate potential revenues, expenses, and the rate of return on your investment.

Our ideal partner

  •  clearly understands the impact that coding education has on the future of the kids and teens
  • loves to provide good customer service
  • has outstanding interpersonal skills
  • demonstrates leadership qualities and can motivate others
  • is experienced in business and marketing
  • has a great business sense
  • is dedicated and eager to work hard for their goals
  • doesn’t necessarily need a technical or IT background
Let us help accelerate your entrepreneurial dream – be our master partner


Frequently asked questions

How does the application process work?

If the above information makes the Logiscool franchise sound interesting, we would like to get to know you. Please fill out the Logiscool Franchise Form:

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